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Appraising commercial real estate since 1986, from investment grade and trophy properties in both urban and suburban locations, to small commercial properties and vacant land, nationally and internationally. Appraisal by Property Type
Internationally recognized experts in the appraisal of power plants, refineries, transmission and pipelines, utility properties, railroads, and infrastructure.
Power Plant Appraisal
Expertise in appraisal for federal, state, local tax and for investor reporting. Expertise in appraisal for property tax, litigation, legal, IRS, SEC, and government purposes and uses.
Appraisal for Accounting Appraisal for Law
Appraisals concerning businesses, going concerns, enterprise values, machinery and equipment, and personal property.
Business Appraisal Appraisal of Personal Property
Land, Subdivision, Developments, Feasibility & Market Studies, Easements, Rights of Way, Corridors, Air Rights, TDRs
Land Appraisal
Apartment Buildings, Senior Housing, Condominiums, Cooperatives, HUD Housing, Mixed-Use Properties
Apartment Appraisal
Office Buildings, CBD and Suburban, Trophy, Investment Grade, Class B & C
Office Building Appraisal
Shopping Centers, Malls, Retail Properties, Mixed-Use Properties
Retail Property Appraisal
Industrial Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Flex Space, Manufacturing Buildings, Lofts
Industrial Building Appraisal
Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Restaurants, Hospitality, Golf Courses
Hospitality Appraisal
Fee Simple, Leased Fee, Leasehold, Development Rights, Partial & Minority Interests, DLOM, DLOC
Fee & Partial Interest Appraisal
Power Plants, Refineries, Railroads, Telecom, Pipelines, Infrastructure, Public Buildings     Power Plant Appraisal
Special-Purpose Property Appraisal