Appraisal of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Senior Housing

IMG_3032Hospitals, nursing homes, and senior housing are often classified as special purpose properties.  Further these assets often entail a combination of business intangibles, personal property (machinery and equipment, fixtures, and furnishings), and of course real property.  Depending on the purpose and use of the appraisal, these assets characteristics will be critical to the scope of work of the appraisal.  Federal Appraisal, because of our uncommon expertise in  business appraisal, personal property appraisal and of course real property appraisal is uniquely qualified to appraise hospitals, nursing homes, and senior housing.

Our appraisals of hospitals, nursing homes, and senior housing have been used for numerous purposes including:

  • financing, development, feasibility, marketing
  • investing due diligence; acquisition or disposition, equity and debt
  • tax management; property taxes, income taxes, sales and transfer taxes
  • gift and estate planning
  • litigation
  • tax and investor reporting, IRS, depreciation, cost segregation, purchase price allocation, ASC 805
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