Report Format

Report Formats Provided by Federal Appraisal

report_format_handsFederal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides all types of appraisal and consulting report formats. Let us consult with you to determine which format is right for you.  We will consider your legal, accounting and reporting, and business needs.  Your budget and timing will also be considered.

  • Full Narratives and Self-Contained Reports
  • Executive Summaries and Summary Reports
  • Letter Appraisals and Restricted Use Reports
  • Complete Analysis Appraisals
  • Agreed-upon Procedure and Analysis Appraisals, Client-Defined Scopes of Services Appraisals, Limited Appraisals, Appraisals prepared using the Departure Provision.
  • Consulting Reports and Appraisal Consulting Reports
  • Miscellaneous Research and Analysis Deliverables, such as tables, charts, spreadsheets, databases, documents and other client work product deliverables.


Go to the USPAP Services page and Descriptions of USPAP Services page for further explanations of these report formats.