USPAP Services

USPAP describes two kinds of appraisal analysis and three kinds of appraisal reporting formats.

Appraisal Analyses

  • Complete Appraisals,
    AKA: Complete Analysis Appraisals, Full Analysis Appraisals, Full Appraisals
    Includes: All applicable analyses and approaches to value
    Example: Appraisals for mortgage underwriting at the federally insured bank
  • Limited Appraisals,
    AKA: Limited Analysis Appraisals, Appraisals prepared using the Departure Provision, Agreed-upon Procedure and Analysis Appraisals, Client-Defined Scopes of Services Appraisals
    Includes: Only those applicable analyses and approaches to value to that the client reasonably requests
    Example: A cost analysis of an office building to determine insurable value for insurance underwriting


Appraisal Reporting Formats

  • Self-Contained,
    AKA: Full Narrative Reports, Full Narratives
    Includes: Full descriptions throughout the appraisal reporting process
    Example: Appraisals for mortgage underwriting at the federally insured bank
  • Summary Reports,
    AKA: Executive Summary Reports
    Includes: Summary descriptions of critical appraisal processes
    Example: Update Appraisals, Appraisals and Consulting for Tax and Audit Purposes
  • Restricted Use Reports,
    AKA: Letter Appraisals
    Includes: Lists critical appraisal processes
    Example: Acquisition or Disposition Due Diligence Support Appraisal and Consulting Services

These appraisal analysis and reporting format types can be used for traditional appraisals of real estate, personal property or businesses, as well as for appraisal reviews, appraisal consulting, feasibility studies, market studies, mass appraisals, appraisals using automatic valuation models and others.

Links to USPAP

Statement on Appraisal Standards No. 7 (SMT-7) and Advisory Opinion 15 (AO-15) provide advice and description of Complete Appraisal and Limited Appraisals.

Advisory Opinion 11 (AO-11) provides a summary description of the three reporting formats.