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Business Interruption

Business Interruption Consulting, Property Damages Estimates Federal Appraisal, LLC provides consulting and appraisal services to individuals and companies suffering from business interruptions and damages from natural and man-made disasters and accidents.  If the loss or diminution of the use of

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Federal Appraisal, LLC offers various services tailored to the needs of managers and fiduciaries. Our clients include property managers, asset managers, corporate real estate managers, trust managers, and fiduciaries. Each manager has its own unique business requirements. That’s why Federal

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Bankers & Underwriters

Of course Federal Appraisal, LLC provides traditional bank loan appraisals.  In fact, because of our national and international capabilities, we are particularly well qualified to service portfolios and assets outside our client’s home regions.  Federal Appraisal provides the full array

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Capital Markets

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides numerous due diligence and financial analysis services to the capital markets and CMBS securitization markets.  We service performing, nonperforming and sub-performing large portfolio and large value single asset transactions for securitization or bulk sales.  Property types

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Each investor has its own unique business requirements.  That’s why Federal Appraisal, LLC was formed.  Many of the appraisal and consulting needs of investors can only be solved with complex and non traditional appraisal and consulting services.  Federal Appraisal specializes

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Property Tax Appeals

Background Real and personal property is taxed by state and local jurisdictions, based on the market value of the property. This kind of tax is known as an “Ad Valorem” tax, meaning “of value” or based on value as opposed to

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Property Type

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides services for businesses and real and personal properties, including all of the major property types as well as most of the special and unusual property types. Each type entails it own industry specific valuation considerations. Each of our analyses

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Office Building Appraisal

From trophy buildings to obsolete buildings, from office towers in CBDs to suburban locations, from corporate campuses to mixed use office buildings, owner-occupied and rental offices, to medical offices and other special occupancy offices, Federal Appraisal, LLC appraises offices. We

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Appraisal of Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Cooperatives

Federal Appraisal has been appraising multi-family buildings for 28 years. From super luxury residential towers to obsolete buildings in the midst of blight and urban renewal, to suburban and rural housing, Federal Appraisal, LLC appraises multi-family housing. We appraise for

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Appraisal of Shopping Centers, Malls, Retail Properties

Federal Appraisal frequently appraises retail properties whether: locally, tri-state area nationally, and internationally, for various reasons, including but not limited to: financing, property tax, estate and gift tax, purchase price allocation and cost segregation, and litigation, whether the retail is:

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