Condemnation and Eminent Domain Appraisal

Bridge Condemnation work Hunterdon CoThe appraisers at Federal Appraisal have been providing condemnation/eminent domain appraisals since the 1980’s, and have worked on some of the largest urban renewal projects in the New York area, such as Times Square redevelopment.  We regularly provide special purpose property condemnation/eminent domain appraisals on assets located through out the United States.  Federal Appraisal provides condemnation/eminent domain appraisals for urban renewal, and utility, transportation and infrastructure takings.

Mark Pomykacz, MAI, SCGREA and managing partner at Federal Appraisal, has testified in both New Jersey and New York courts to his condemnation/eminent domain appraisals, and he occasionally serves as a court-appointed condemnation commissioner in arbitration hearings in New Jersey.

Our appraisals have covered permanent and temporary takings, fee, leased fee, easement and air/development rights takings, and full and partial takings.  In addition to the real property condemnation/eminent domain appraisals, we provide personal property condemnation/eminent domain appraisals.

Our appraisals consider, when appropriate based on the local law, “before and after” appraisal issues and “damages to the remainder”.

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