The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the courts that hear its cases prescribe their own appraisal practices and  procedures.  While the appraisal theory behind IRS appraisals is mostly the same as any other appraisal, failure to comply with IRS specific procedures can result in the disqualification of an appraisal and a loss of essential support for a tax stance.

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides IRS appraisals for both taxpayers and the IRS.

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides numerous services to assist property owners in managing the various taxes and audit issues that impact real and personal property, including:

Federal Appraisal, LLC has solutions for the following uncommon issues impacting real property:

  • 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • bargain/liquidation purchases/sales
  • barter agreements
  • before & after tax cash flow & income forecasts
  • before & after tax returns & yields studies
  • below market rate loan from parent
  • Business Values
  • casualty/losses
  • charitable contributions/Gifts
  • damages estimates
  • depreciation & cost segregation property
  • due diligence services
  • easements
  • exchange basis
  • FASB 141 / 142
  • fixed asset registers
  • foreclosure/recapitalization
  • GASB 31
  • gift tax appraisals
  • goodwill
  • high basis / low value reorganization
  • impairment studies
  • incorporation
  • increased basis in property prior to disposition
  • intangibles
  • landmark easement contributions
  • litigation support & expert testimony
  • portfolio & mass appraisals
  • private REIT’s
  • real property tax reviews
  • REIT issues
  • sale/lease backs & LILO’s
  • self managed real estate 401k’s
  • structured leases
  • synthetic leases
  • tax estimations & projections
  • tax shelters
  • useful life studies
  • valuation management & audits
  • valuation/real estate study reviews

See our Business Valuation/Asset Type and our Property Type pages for more.

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