Power Plants and Electricity Assets

Special Purpose PropertyFederal Appraisal, LLC provides appraisals to the power & utilities industry, worldwide. Utility properties may include power generation facilities (generation, transmission and distribution), telecom facilities, railroad assets and water and sewer facilities, and all of the capital assets that may be involved. Federal Appraisal services all types of utility properties, for IRS and SEC reporting purposes, property tax appeals, investment and lending underwriting and other purposes.

Power Generation Facilities

In particular, we are one of the few providers capable of offering income and cost analyses for power generation facilities anywhere in the US and in deed around the world. The power industry is undergoing tremendous changes because of the de-regulation of the industry, new technologies, and hydro-fracking for gas.

We service hydroelectric, cogeneration, nuclear and fossil fuel generation, transmission and distribution facilities around the country and around the world.

  • nuclear
  • coal
  • natural gas, simple and combined cycle
  • hydro
  • oil
  • solar, photo voltaic or concentrated thermal
  • wind
  • geothermal
  • pumped storage, water or air
  • transmission and distribution, T&D

Our appraisals are utilized for:

  • litigation
  • developments, feasibility or market studies
  • financing
  • tax and investor reporting, IRS, depreciation, cost segregation, purchase price allocation, ASC 805
  • property tax assessment and appeals
  • acquisition or disposition due diligence


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