Property Taxes

calculator2There are numerous occasions where the value of a property is related to taxes. Each taxing situation requires special appraisal and consulting considerations. The considerations might be a specialized appraisal for cost segregation, depreciation and income tax. Another might be an explanation and justification for a divergence from the purchase price basis for a transfer or gains tax calculation. Others pertain to tax position, basis or feasibility, as with impairments, structured leases, barter agreements, gifts and estates.

Each taxing situation requires appraisal and consulting experience in order to maximize taxing goals. Federal Appraisal, LLC specializes in providing appraisals for tax issues.

Some of the taxes that impact property include:

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides numerous services to assist property owners in managing the various taxes that impact real and personal property, including:

  • Property Tax Appeal appraisals
  • various appraisals for IRS issues
  • estate appraisals
  • purchase price allocation studies, APB 16
  • cost segregation studies
  • special value reportings
    • synthetic leases
    • sale-lease backs
    • structured leases
    • corporate structuring
    • gift tax appraisal
    • 1031 like kind exchanges
    • barter agreements
    • impairment studies

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