Property Type

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides services for businesses and real and personal properties, including all of the major property types as well as most of the special and unusual property types. Each type entails it own industry specific valuation considerations. Each of our analyses is tailored to the property type under analysis, according to the best practices in that appraisal and consulting sub-specialty.

Turning words and numbers into

meaning and value.

Examples of Property Types serviced by Federal Appraisal:

The Common Property Types

apartments, condominiums, cooperatives, going concerns, hotels, all types of industrial and manufacturing properties, Generic Design Land, all types of office buildings for all uses, restaurants, retail, and malls in CBD, surburban and other locations, all types warehouses

The Specialty Property Types
franchises, all types of hospitals and senior housing, all types of high value industrial and manufacturing properties, public buildings and churches, rare properties, special-purpose properties, all types of unusually constructed properties, Utility and Public Service Facilities and Properties
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