Appraisal of Public Buildings and Land, and Churches

New Brunswick City HallFederal Appraisal is specially qualified to appraise public and religious buildings because we have decades of experience conducting complex cost analyses for such properties and many of our other complex property specialties.  We have years experience appraising:

  • municipal buildings, public buildings, parks, special land improvements
  • churches, temples, mosques, and other types of religious buildings
  • public infrastructure, utilities
  • schools, colleges, orphanages, dormitories
  • stadiums, theaters, arenas
  • hospitals
  • land marked properties
  • special land and land rights, rights of way, easements, conservation easements,

for a variety of purposes:

  • acquisition or disposition due diligence
  • condemnation
  • litigation
  • insurance underwriting
  • damages
  • GAAP accounting
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