Purchase Price Allocation

Federal Appraisal, LLC provides full reports, and management support when, allocating a purchase price among the various assets included bankers-servicesin a multi-asset or portfolio acquisition or disposition.  A purchase price allocation is based on the value of the various assets.  As appraisal experts serving a large geographic area where a portfolio of assets is more likely to occur, and as appraisal experts on special and complex assets where various classes of assets are more likely to have significant value, Federal Appraisal, LLC is uniquely qualified to serve.

Special considerations in our purchase price allocation include:

  • financial, tangible, intangible assets
  • individual economic entities
  • individual properties
  • property, plant and equipment
  • goodwill and customer relationships
  • in-process research and development
  • current or existing technologies and products
  • patents, trademarks and trade names
  • developed software and databases
  • assembled workforce (workforce in place)
  • SEC and IRS requirements

See Business Valuation/Asset Type for more.

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