products-01Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides customized research, analysis and software, as well as the several products that follow.  Clients are encouraged to discuss their needs with FAC professionals, so that we may offer specifically designed services for each client.

Survey Research

Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC conducts survey research on appraisal issues and other issues impacting the value of businesses and real estate.  Survey Research, also known as polling or public opinion polling, is a complex professional practice with a deep academic background.  Federal Appraisal combines and offers to its clients the expertise of appraisal professionals with the expertise of survey research professionals to offer a unique and valuable service.  While many valuation issues are more easily addressed with survey research, some critical valuation issues have no practical other means of resolution other than survey research.

Federal Appraisal’s Library

Herein we present our on-line library. Our library includes our own real estate dictionary, The Plain Language Dictionary of Appraisal, and a list of tax saving and cash flow enhancing ideas, an article on business improvement ideas, and articles written by our partners.

Recent Articles by Professionals from Federal Appraisal & Consulting

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