Survey Research

survey-researchPeriodically, having expertise in the areas of both appraisal and survey research, Federal Appraisal conducts or produces its own independent survey research on topics related of the appraisal of business or real estate. Federal Appraisal is available to provide related services to clients and welcomes proposals for joint research projects.

Below is a list of recently completed survey research projects:

The Selection of Approaches to Value, for Power Plants (May 2006)- Report on how assessors, property owners, and others weight the various approaches to value in their appraisals of power plants.

Is New York City Real Estate in an Exuberant Bubble, or is it Fundamentally Sound? (September 2005) – Report on Appraisal Institute members’ opinions on the status of the New York real estate markets, with an analysis of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal coverage of real estate.