Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC offers many services, to many client types, in many locations, for many purposes.  Some of our services are listed below.  It is strongly recommended that prospective clients call Federal Appraisal to discuss their needs to determine how Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC may be of service.

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Recognizing the range of services available, and making the distinction between conventional, nontraditional and complex services can dramatically increase income to the bottom line and reduce both operating an opportunity cost.

Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides a full array of conventional appraisal and consulting services.  What makes Federal Appraisal unique is that we provide numerous nontraditional and complex services.  Broadly speaking, conventional appraisal services include appraisals written for mortgage underwriting purposes for banks.  While representing the bulk of the appraisal industry, conventional appraisal services cannot adequately serve the needs of many important clients.  For example, a mortgage underwriting appraisal would not be appropriate for most expert testimony/legal settings.  A mortgage appraisal would be prohibitively expensive for many tax and audit (accounting) needs.  Further, for corporations conducting due diligence for possible purchase or disposition, a mortgage appraisal would not answer some of the basic questions posed by the situation.

To best present the Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC services, we have created various matrices of services and clients, and present them into pages referenced below.

Business, Real and Personal Property Valuation Consulting and Appraisal

Services by Client Type 

We know who you are, and we know what you want.

If you have never used appraisal and valuation consulting services before, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC has standardized services and products tailored for professionals from specific disciplines and their needs.  In fact some of our services and products are so specific to one discipline or another that we have assembled real estate valuation and consulting professionals who specialize in services to one discipline or another. In particular our firm is especially focused on services to attorneys and accountants.  Nonetheless we are uniquely qualified, and are fully capable of, servicing nearly any professional client type.

Services for Accountants

Services for Attorneys

Services for Corporations

It is strongly recommended that clients call us to discuss their particular needs for each project or issue, so that we may propose the most appropriate, cost-effective service or product.

Services by Issues, and Purpose and Use

While most appraisals are for the purpose and use for mortgage underwriting, a great number of issues call for appraisal and consulting services for significantly different purposes and uses.  The former purpose and use is a conventional appraisal practice.  The latter is a non-traditional practice, which is our company service mission.  Federal Appraisal & Consulting has been created and is well qualified to provide appraisals and consulting services for non-traditional and complex issues and purposes and uses.

Services by Solution or Service Type

Federal Appraisal & Consulting provides a full array of management and administrative solutions, from consulting, counseling and work product preparation, to standard appraisal reports and services, to partial and full appraisal and appraisal management co-sourcing and outsourcing.

Services by Asset Type
Federal Appraisal and Consulting LLC services all of the major property types as well as most of the special-use and unusual asset types.  Each type entails it own type and industry specific valuation considerations.  Each of our analyses is tailored to the property type under analysis, according to the best practices in that appraisal and consulting sub-specialty.   In addition, Federal Appraisal provides appraisals for Title Insurance.
Services by Property Type

Federal Appraisal and Consulting LLC services all of the major property types as well as most of the special-use and unusual property types.  Each type entails its own industry specific valuation considerations.  Each of our analyses is tailored to the property type under analysis, according to the best practices in that appraisal and consulting sub-specialty.

Services by Location
Real Estate is Location, Location, Location!

In real estate, where quality data and information are often not in the public domain and come from disparate sources, local knowledge, when combined with topical expertise, is irreplaceable and essential.  Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides locally-based, local experts anywhere in the USA.

Services for Small & Mid Sized Companies

Until the creation of Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC, small and mid sized companies had difficulty finding the real estate appraisal and consulting services that they needed.  Today, small and mid sized companies can turn to Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC for all of their real estate appraisal and consulting services.   Federal Appraisal services small and mid sized  accounting and consulting firms, law firms, corporate real estate groups, private and public investors, developers, and management companies.

Services for Research

Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides customized research analysis services on either an hourly rate basis or a fixed fee basis.   Federal Appraisal’s deliverables can range from research materials and bibliographies, to analyses, spreadsheets and databases, to client work products or certified work products, and to executive summary or full narrative reports.

Services by Report Format

Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides all types of appraisal and consulting report formats.   Let us consult with you to determine which format is right for you.  We will consider your legal, accounting and reporting, and business needs.  Your budget and timing will also be considered.

  • full narrative reports
  • executive summaries and summary reports
  • letter appraisals and restricted use reports
  • complete analysis appraisals
  • agreed-upon procedure and analysis appraisals, client-defined scopes of services appraisals, limited appraisals, appraisals prepared using the Departure Provision.
  • consulting reports and appraisal consulting reports
  • miscellaneous research and analysis deliverables, such as tables, charts, spreadsheets, databases, documents and other client work product deliverables.

Services by USPAP

Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides a full array of USPAP and non-USPAP appraisal and consulting services. 
Nearly all conventional appraisal services are subject to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  When the law requires a USPAP appraisal, the client must have a USPAP compliant appraisal, which is certified by the state licensed or certified appraiser.  Appraisals for mortgage underwriting purposes are the most common type of USPAP appraisal.  It should be noted, however, that USPAP prescribes a number of appraisal services, and when the law does not require a USPAP appraisal, clients have still more options.
Knowing when a USPAP appraisal service is needed and when it is not, and what type of USPAP appraisal to order can save clients considerably on fees and on opportunity costs from inappropriate business decisions based on ill fitting appraisal and consulting services.