By Location

Real Estate is Location, Location, Location!

image001In real estate, where quality data and information are often not in the public domain and come from disparate sources, local knowledge, when combined with topical expertise, is irreplaceable and essential.  Federal Appraisal & Consulting LLC provides locally-based, local experts anywhere in the USA.

Until Federal Appraisal was formed, our clients did not have true national coverage.  While some service providers claimed national real estate capabilities, they truly cover only perhaps a dozen markets with locally-based experts, and cover only the most common types of assets and issues.

Our company mission is to provide services where ever our clients have assets, where ever our clients are located, for whatever types of assets and issues they may have.  By the end of the year 2001, we expect to have partners who are locally-based local market experts in the 200 largest markets and MSA’s in the USA, as well as who are internationally capable.

This provides two dramatic advantages to our clients. It saves our clients money on the cost of service, and it greatly improves the quality of service.

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